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Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Middle IslandDental implants provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. No more need to deal with uncomfortable dentures or bridges-with permanent dental implants, a person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat and smile with effortless confidence. The teeth look and feel completely natural.

Dental implants can support replacements for one tooth, several teeth, or even all of the teeth. Dental implants allow outstanding results in both appearance and function of the new teeth.

The implants themselves are titanium cylinders which are surgically implanted into the jawbone where teeth are missing. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Small posts are then attached to the implant. Protruding through the gums, these posts provide stable anchors for artificial replacement teeth. Implants also help preserve facial structure, preventing the bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing.

TDC offers single, multiple and full arch replacements.


Mini Implants

Mini implants are similar to regular dental implants, but are exceptionally smaller, often less than 2 millimeters in diameter. Despite their size, mini implants can effectively serve as long-term support structures for crowns, bridges and dentures. They can be implanted through a minimally invasive procedure and effectively spaced to provide support and ease for denture wearers.

Mini Dental Implants can be used for single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement and full arch replacement.

For the past decade, mini dental implants (MDIs) have been a growing trend in the dental industry. Mini dental implants have made a lasting impression on both practitioners and patients alike. Finally, patients can regain the smile and confidence in half the time and for half the cost!

Mini dental implants are smaller in diameter than conventional implants.  MDIs range in diameter size from 1.8mm to 2.9mm and have been approved by the FDA for long-term use.  A leading study shows that over a 5 year period, out of 2,514 MDIs placed in 531 patients, 94.2% were successful. An unsuccessful implant consisted of an implant loosening up in the bone.  When this occurred the implant was simply removed and a new one was placed.  The MDI procedures have now been highly refined, and following protocols currently in place, successful use of MDIs is able to be implemented in clinical practice.  The success rates demonstrated in this study are comparable to that of studies conducted on conventional implants.

The use of Mini Implants has allowed dentists to provide a cost efficient way for people to regain function, comfort and, of course, esthetics. Procedures like miniDENT® and miniSMILE® are changing lives and making smiles all over the world!


minidentThe miniDENT® uses MDIs as a foundation for a denture that snaps in and does not require adhesive. One step above that is the miniSMILE® which also uses MDIs as a foundation but the finish product is a fixed (permanently cemented) porcelain-metal bridge.



minsmileThe miniSMILE® is the wave of the future! Now the procedure that was going to cost $35,000.00 is going to cost you almost 65% less! That’s right less than half the price-and you’ll have a full mouth of teeth and the smile you’ve been missing.

To find out more about miniDENT® and miniSMILE® please visit www.yourminiSMILE.com  or call us today 1-877-OK TO SMILE and schedule a free consultation.



Denture Comfort™

Denture Comfort Middle IslandDenture Comfort™ is an FDA-approved procedure that helps keeps dentures firmly in place and keeps them from loosening over time while providing gentle cushioning for your gums. Not only will they be far more comfortable-you can even wear them while sleeping-the procedure also dramatically slows degeneration of your ridge, the primary cause of loose dentures. While many patients must have their dentures relined every few years, you can avoid that hassle with this one hour procedure that installs several implants and a soft gum cushion to hold the dentures permanently in place. With Denture Comfort™ there’s finally a reason to smile.



Overdentures are full dentures that are firmly anchored to the jaw so they don’t slip around or stick together when you talk or eat. They can make life a lot easier for patients who are missing all of their natural teeth (what dentists call “edentulous” patients). Overdentures are like normal full dentures except instead of relying on the gums and other tissues of the mouth for support, they are fixed in place using either the preserved tooth roots or a pair of permanent dental implants and may also include a Hader Bar, a plastic bar that allows for free movement of the dentures while they are in place. Implant-supported overdentures are highly effective, with a success rate of more than 95% over 10 years. Not only are they very comfortable, they also help preserve the jaw bone-and best of all, you don’t have to worry about eating chewy, sticky or tough foods anymore.


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